Luckily I’m still in front of the computer

It’s almost 4:30 PM here and luckily I’m still in front of the computer. Yes my little boy gave me a lot of time here today and there are no materials we need to buy for the house yet which makes me happy, lol. Honestly I miss doing blogging such as posting regularly, visiting other blogger pages, dropping EC and reading post of some other blogger pages. I just hope after the house here is done, I can be more active blogging again.

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  1. Mama Ko's Gravatar Mama Ko
    February 11, 2010 - 8:05 pm | Permalink

    Hi Lisa visit sd ko diri, sorry wala na kaayo ko bloghop oi, unsaon mn busy sa duha ka samukan. Akong jake dili ko palingkuron ug isarado ang keyboards haayy. anyway, musta na inyo life diha? daghan na frinds imung bugoy?

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