My stomach bothers me a lot

It’s about 20 minutes to 11 PM here. Usually at this time I’m already sleeping but tonight I’ve been laying in the bed for almost 30 minutes and still I am wide awake. My stomach bothers me a lot, it’s sour in my upper abdomen. I have no idea if it’s caused from the vitamins I took or from my dinner which was a lot of small clams. I thought the reason might be the vitamins I took because that’s the reason I stop taking them a few years ago, I had the same sour feeling I have now and sometimes I would throw up. Anyway it doesn’t matter what tablet or capsule I take, I really throw up most of the time when I take one. Today is my second day of taking my vitamins, I hope it won’t cause me more stomach problems with a sour feeling in my upper abdomen again, then I can continue taking vitamins, hopefully because I really need a vitamin daily.

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