We heard lots of different noises

With almost 6 months of the house being built we heard lots of different noises like the hammering of wood, power tools running, people laughing and talking and also talking and laughing with my little boy. It’s been 2 weeks now that a few of the workers have finished with their respective works and only a few remained to do some cabinetry work which was finished yesterday leaving only one worker left to do some varnishing. Since the workers stopped coming to work on the house, I’ve notice we have more privacy, quiet and it really feels like we are on our own now. Before it was finished I couldn’t really say it was a house and sometimes I would wonder how’s the house going to be without the workers working here anymore, so now I feel happy and thankful to them for sharing their knowledge and expertise of building the house with us. Also for the few months of working for us, my husband and I do really appreciate it and are thankful to them. I know my little boy misses the laughs and talking they shared with him.

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