He is really not interested in school

As I’ve shared in one of my previous posts I was planning to let my little boy go to nursery school this year and I did in our nearby school. I share now that he is really not interested in school because his school starts at 8 AM and he has to wake up earlier than his usual wake up time. Yes, most mornings he wakes up about 9 and it’s hard for me to let him wake up for school earlier. It’s really a lot of adjustments for him to make. The teacher said, my little boy is just a visitor and she won’t put him on the class list yet. My husband and I agreed too just depend on him if he wants to go to school or not, after all he is only 28 months old. At his age he really needs more sleep and it’s hard to force him in school. Right now, I want him learn how to mingle with the kids in school and learn how to do some activities inside the school. Then he can be ready for school next year if he can adjust easily and I hope he is OK for school then.

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