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Our house was made with two windows facing to the east. Every sunrise until about 10 AM, the heat of the sun comes directly inside the room of each window. A few months ago when we were in town my husband found window blinds on sale but with only one design and color. So he bought them for the two windows anyway. After a month of using them we noticed that the blinds contrast to the color of our curtains and the house. So we decided to take them down until we can find window blinds that match our house. Now we are planning to look for custom blinds so that we can find the best custom style and color for our windows. So just now I visited some custom blind sites and one of which is paylessdecor.com. If you are currently looking for custom blinds like us here, then just visit the said site.

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  1. Happiness's Gravatar Happiness
    June 4, 2010 - 7:30 pm | Permalink

    White blinds really goes with everything (my opinion). Ours are custom made and we are pretty happy about it.

    Kumusta na pala sis?

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