A huge lot with coconut trees

Seeing a huge lot with coconut trees and some other trees on it really makes me think how nice it would be to own it. I’m talking about it because behind our house there is a huge lot with coconut trees on it that my husband and I really wish we could own. We’re always talking to each other about saving money for a couple of years and buying it. Yesterday our wish of owning it ended because there was a couple coming over to the property to see it and they are really interested in buying it. The property measures about 1.7 hectares and as I’ve said it’s really full of coconut trees. As far as we know the property is under negotiation so if they buy the lot we’ll have a new neighbor here because I heard yesterday they were planning to move here and build a house after 2 years. Well, good luck to the buyer and how lucky they are to own a nice property like that.

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