An option to spend less

Whenever I have expenses and I know there is an option to spend less and save money, then I should go with it. I am talking about this because in one of my last few posts, I shared about my little boy’s papers which need to be processed at the Bureau of Immigration, Manila. We are in Cebu which means if we traveled to Manila to process the papers there would be lots of expenses such as transportation, food, hotel and the paper processing fees. Instead of processing the papers personally which we were planning to do a few nights ago, I found another option this morning which will save us time and money. I called the Immigration office to find out how much the processing fees are and then I added the estimated expenses for transportation, food, hotel and some others to find that we can save money if we use an Agency to process my little boy’s paper. Now, I think our final decision for that is to use an Agency here in Cebu for the said processing. Aside from money saving, it saves us time and effort as well.

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