Monthly Archives: August, 2010

Trying to make a post

Just to say that it’s been hours I’ve been sitting here trying to make a post but it’s hard to start it due to the fact that I have nothing new to share. Yes my mind has been really empty for days, weeks or maybe even a month ago or so, lol. Do I blame […]

Printing at wholesale prices

I just visited a site called which prints business cards, postcards, fliers & brochures and more. They offer online 4 color printing at wholesale prices and they can have your printing order printed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours. You can also get your own designs printed or they can design your artwork […]

Visit etsy sites

It’s already 4 PM here and just trying to make a post on my blog. Yes after dropping 100 EC for today, I stopped for a while to make a post since I have something to share. Every time I visit Etsy sites, it really takes more time for me to do another EC drop, […]

Wet clothes

It’s been 3 days now that I missed posting here since my last post. Laziness to make a post is the reason I think or maybe I have nothing to share about due to the fact that there’s nothing new here. Sharing things again and again of the Internet going on and off is so […]

Find the customer reviews

Whenever I buy something on the Internet, I like to find the customer reviews for that product so that I can find out what customers might be complaining about. That way I won’t buy a product that has problems. While looking on the Internet for a good movie projector and projector screen, I found a […]