A long lost friend

A social network really helps people to share thoughts and keep in contact. At first I ignored my friends telling me to open account on Facebook, until I arrived here in the Philippines where most of my family already has an account. Finally I signed up and since then I always keep updated with it. I enjoyed reading comments on my friends wall and sometimes I share comments with them. Facebook also helped me find a long lost friend of mine and now I can communicate and keep up to date with her photos and her family who lives in Korea now. I enjoy talking with her about memories from our childhood together and how we both use to be so skinny. Now we are both amazed at how much weight both of us have gained. I remember saying to her when we were teenagers that I would always be skinny and she said she would be to. Now we both want to get rid of some fat especially in our belly, lol. She shared with me a link which is www.fatburnerreview.org to help me find a natural fat burner. I am still looking at it trying to decide which one of the top 5 fat burners reviewed I will try. Hopefully she can share with me the one she takes.

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