Sore tongue

I’ve been having a problem with a sore tongue since a few days ago, so I looked on he Internet for some ways to get rid of it. It started when one of my tooth fillings broke. It was uncomfortable eating on that side until one day I bit my tongue once because of it. Since then I had a sore tongue which gave me more problems when eating. Yesterday I decided to have my tooth filling fixed. The problem is I still have my sore tongue and now I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of it especially now I have a tooth ache as well and I know for sure that it is from my sore tongue. Today I found out on the Internet that having a sore tongue means I need more vitamin B2. I think I need to take vitamin B2 due to the fact that I have had a sore tongue not only once, but many times now and I remember my mother telling me before to take vitamin B2 but I ignored her advice. Sorry mama, lol.

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