Watching his photos from birth up to the recent

I am happy that my little boy gives me time in front of the laptop. He started his nap earlier than usual and luckily the intermittent Internet connection we had earlier finally is fixed temporarily for now, hopefully it’s fixed forever. Back to the topic of course, I want to share something while waiting for my little boy to wakes up. While sitting in front of the laptop listening to the music I put on for him while he sleeps, I am watching his photos from birth up to the recent. I’ve been looking at his photos and I’ve noticed if he likes the show or movie that’s on, he really goes directly near the screen of the TV. I’m guessing he started this at about 6 months old when we started walking with his walker because I followed when he started walking by himself until recently. Below are a few photos I took of him.
When he started walking with the walker
When started walking by himself

His recent photo

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