Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Dark circles around the eyes

My mother is already 68 years old and like most people her age has wrinkles on her face. She is luckily that she doesn’t have dark circles around her eyes. I am talking about dark circles around the eyes because one of her friends was visiting us a few days ago and shared her problem […]

No nap

How can my little boy not feel sleepy at this time? It’s almost 10:40 at night here and he is still playing. As I’ve shared in one of my posts before, my little boy has a problem taking his nap every afternoon since we put a swing set in our yard and yes today he […]

Hip hop clothes

My nephew is having a birthday soon, so he told me likes hip hop clothes in case I decide to buy him clothes for his birthday present. I don’t know what I will give him yet but If I buy him clothes, I will shop online at a site that specializes in hip hop clothes […]

Hours of sleep

Luckily my son had his nap today! Yes that’s the words I thought since we have a swing set in the yard. I am so happy that my little boy had hours of sleeps this afternoon. Ever since we got our swing set in the yard he would only sleep an hour or less in […]

Some hearing loss

I often complained to my husband that he wasn’t listening to me when I would say something to him because he would answer me with “what did you say?”. But after going to an ear doctor and getting a hearing test done with an audiometer, we discovered he has some hearing loss in his right […]