I am gaining weight

I’m on the 5Th month of my pregnancy and I am gaining weight. On my 1st trimester my weight was stable at 110 lbs. until my last visit to my doctor I gained a few pounds. Being pregnant, I’m not worried about gaining weight. I know it will be hard to lose weight after I have the baby but nursing my baby will help me lose some weight because I experienced that before with my first baby. Like my cousin who didn’t nurse her baby, it is difficult for her to lose weight now. I tried to tell her that she could find the best diet pills online at a site that reviews diet pills but she wouldn’t follow my advice, she just bought some diet pills at the pharmacy which didn’t help her lose any weight. Recently she decided to follow my advice and found a site that has apidexin reviews and I told her to study the reviews so that she can find the best diet pills for her.

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