Lots of affordable things

A few days ago we went to the car dealer for a scheduled maintenance of our car. We arrived in the car dealer before noon and I thought we would just have to wait about an hour for the car to be finished but my husband was right because he said it might be finished in a few hours. Yes the one who assisted us said to come back for the car at 3 PM. Well of course it was hard for us to wait without anything to do, so my husband and I decided to leave and come back at 3PM. We went to a store that had lots of affordable things for sale for the house. Since our house needs lots of decorations for the walls and some sort of artificial flowers for the tables, I easily found them there and I said where were you when we were ready to buy some things from you? Now that we have no time and no car with us, we found you here, lol. Well, next time hopefully those things we like will still be there.

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