A little stressed about this blog

During the past few weeks I was a little stressed about this blog because I wasn’t sure I would be able to renew it. Luckily I have an Angel who saved it, Bobbie my step daughter. Thanks Bobbie for helping me renew my domain and to my husband who is always there for me. Thanks a lot to both of you. My stressful story started when I received an email stating the date of my domain renewal. It took a long time for me to figure out a way to pay the bill because we don’t have a credit card. My husband applied for a credit card here, but because he is not a citizen of this country, he was denied. That’s when he asked Bobbie to borrow her credit card to pay the bill. Now I am so happy that this domain can continue and hopefully next year I’ll be able to use my own credit card to make the payment. Also I’m hopeful the credit card application I made a couple of weeks ago will be granted soon.

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