Monthly Archives: September, 2011


Shopping to find the right sunglasses in the store can be difficult because they don’t always have what you’re looking for. That’s why I like to shop at where they sell julbo brand sunglasses which have specially-coated polarized lenses that are ideal for skiing and water sports because they eliminate the blinding surface glare […]

Baby getting sick

It is so hard to have a 2 month old baby getting sick. Yes my little girl has had a cough and stuffy nose for nearly a week now. At first I thought it wasn’t going to get serious when I first noticed she was sneezing. After a few days she got a stuffy nose […]

ATV parts

For ATV owners who are looking for new ways to spruce up your ATV or UTV then is the place to go. They carry all the leading brands of ATV Parts with the lowest prices on the market. If you need tires or parts for your ATV this is the place to go to […]

I haven’t updated this blog

It’s been over two weeks that I haven’t updated this blog. Yes, I am so very busy these days. I have my 7 week old and a toddler to take care of. My toddler started his preschool last June when I was eight m0nths pregnant. Now I have my new baby as I’ve said who […]