A new toy

My Little boy got a new toy last Christmas. Since then that’s his favorite toy which is shown on the left. It has a remote control or it can be manually operated which is good for the beginner. It’s been a few weeks for him driving it with his dad using the remote control. Now, he started driving by himself but since he is inexperienced, my husband follows him while he is driving to make sure he doesn’t run anybody over. Well, it’s good exercise for my husband walking back and forth in our drive way behind him.

While writing this post, I’m thinking about his birthday coming up next month but I can’t think of anything to get him as a birthday gift. Last year it was a Buzz Lightyear which is one of his favorite cartoon characters. Hopefully he doesn’t get spoiled with all the toys he has though. I prefer getting him some clothes this time. Hopefully he likes receiving clothes!

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