I need a jewelry box

My waiting is almost over. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll receive them, lol. Yes I’ve been waiting for a few weeks now for my 2 rings I purchased on eBay. I made the winning bid on the rings and I won both of them. The ring styles are so nice and affordable. I’m not sure if I’ll wear them though because I’m not use to wearing jewelry except for my wedding ring. I have a few rings already but I wear none of them daily. I think I’ll keep them for my kids in the future. I know I need a jewelry box now since my husband’s necklace was deformed already by putting it together with some papers in a lock box, lol. One time my husband shared with me a site that sells unique jewelry boxes, but I ignored him. Now that I really need one, I’m going to look at the site he gave me. Hopefully I can find one with a good price as well.

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