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It’s almost lunchtime and just waiting for the sounds of the plates, forks and spoons being set on the table. Yes I’ve been lazy about kitchen work since I had my little girl. She always keeps me busy with her and that’s what I like too. I’m a hands on mother of my two kids. It is not easy and I’m not perfect as well but I try my best to be a good mother to them. Since my oldest son is so hyperactive sometimes especially when he is playing and in school, it makes me worry sometimes. To worry, isn’t going to change him. I hope he can change by himself. I know the guidance of both parents can help him and we try our best to do that. Most mothers here said that’s a normal attitude for a 4 year old kid. Well, for sure it’s important for a mother like me to have more patience to deal with it.

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    salamat kaau dae sa pag bisita sa akong site..nadalaga ug kadyot dae, nakalaag intawon ang inahan!

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    thank you sa pagvisit sa akong travel blog sis..muna2x pud tawn to nakong update ato.. hehehe… ana jud na ang mga kids, anha ta ma-worry kung dili sila active, kay they might be feeling sick or what, diba? ako naa koy 5 yr old boy and 9 month old boy pud, perte! gubot pirmi ang balay.. hehehe… see yah around sa BB sis.

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    i salute all mothers:)

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