I can remember collecting coupons

There are lots of people who have told me that I’m a thrifty person who is conservative with money. They always hear me saying, I found a good deal. I won’t buy it if it is too expensive. Yes I have been this way since I was a young girl and I wanted to help my parents save money because they were always low on money. It wasn’t easy for me to do that especially when I saw other children the same age as me buying whatever they wanted. Well, through those experiences I have learned to be more responsible and wise when spending money especially now that prices on everything here are really getting higher. We can only find good deals here when there are stores that offer discounts. I wish the stores would offer coupons here but they don’t.

I can remember collecting coupons every weekend when we were living in the USA a few years ago, I could collect some coupons from the mail and from the newspapers. I had a friend before that would share with me how to find coupons from sites online and we both shared each other those sites when we found coupons. We helped each other because we both have kids and there are always lots of items to buy for them, from diapers to food and every weekend we went to shop for a week supply.

Now that we are living here in the Philippines I really miss the coupons especially that I have two kids and I know coupons really could help us save some money. Two kids can consume lots of items everyday from diapers to food. I just keep remembering the past and how I wish we could use coupons here like in the USA so that we can save money every time we go shopping. My friend keeps reminding me about the coupons every time we talk online. Well, since I can’t get any coupons here, I will just try my best to find other ways to save money when I’m shopping.

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    nice share post ^_^

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    whatever it is, there are ways to save money, which is important, we can control ourselves, so do not be tempted to buy things we do not need 🙂

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    nice posting,,, i like it.. 🙂

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    Nice post…

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