I hope she’s feeling Ok

Finally I’m here in front of the computer. It’s been 2 hours of fighting with my little girl to sleep. The first time she had a hard time to sleep was last night. I have no idea why and I hope she’s feeling OK. Maybe the reason why is she had a little nap before my mother came to our house. Yes my mother is a good helper, every time I need somebody to hold or to take care of my kids for a few minutes or so, she’s always there for me and also for some of my siblings when they need her help. Every night since I had my little girl she has come to our house to help me hold her while I preparing myself for bed. I’m so thankful to her about that. Anyway, back to my little girl, I hope and pray she is OK especially I just had some restless nights taking care of my son who had a fever. Now he is OK though, I am happy and thankful to God for that.

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