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It’s been a long day of travel, walking and doing things in the city. Yesterday we planned to go to the city today to fix the mistake my husband made signing a contract for Internet service from a company who’s name I won’t mention. I don’t want to mention the two Internet server companies we are having problems with because they both have different problems with service in our area. I couldn’t blame them either because we are not living in a place that has a good Internet connection. In short we are in the mountain, lol. Yes, we are quite far from the city and 15 minutes ride going to our town.

To start the story, my husband really has no patience every time he uses the Internet and gets disconnected. He keeps telling me that he is going to apply for another Internet server company and that’s what he did last year. He applied online and there was an agent who came to our house to have a contract signed and collect a deposit. At first I didn’t really like an agent coming to the house  because in my thoughts, the agent might be fake. My husband still continued with his plan and made an appointment with an agent. The application was being processed and we were waiting 3 weeks for the installation. After 3 weeks of waiting, nobody came so we decided to cancel the contract. Since the time the application started we’ve had problems. Until we received a couple of months billing from the Internet server company without any installation done. It got much worse when we received a  lawyer’s letter a few days ago stating that we needed to pay the bill. Wow, it made me more stressed after reading it. Today, after talking face to face with the Internet server company staff, I felt some reliefs. Hopefully the problem has been solved.

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    I hope your problem be finished

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