The rings

Photobucket These are the rings I shared about a few weeks ago which I bought online through auction and won. I bid on 2 rings at the same time thinking if I couldn’t win one I could still the other one. As I’ve shared before, I won both so I was so anxious waiting for the rings. Whoever created the rings must have taken online courses in jewelry design,because they are beautiful.I waited almost a month or so. Unfortunately I received an email stating that the rings wouldn’t be available due to a long time waiting for a  response from the seller to send them to us. Well, at that time I had no choice so I opened a case and waited to get our money back. While waiting the reply I bid on another ring from another seller and I won again. I know the three rings I bid on were really a good deal but at the time I never expected to get the first two rings due to the case we opened. Fortunately after I ordered the last ring I bought I received the two rings in the mail unexpectedly. Then the next week I received the last ring I bought. Well, that’s life sometimes we own something unexpectedly.

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