Buying appliances

I’ve shared here many times that I’m a good deal finder in the online stores and retail stores here. I’ve been doing it since I started buying and selling clothes out of my home nine years ago. It felt good to find good deals when shopping because it would add income to my business of buying selling clothes. For me it’s a practical way to make money and yes I still do it that way until now. That’s why my husband and I sometimes get in a debate about it, like buying appliances in the house for instance. Well, his idea is, you have to pay more for good quality which is true because sometimes I fail to get a good deal on something because it’s not durable and you know what I mean, use it a few times then it  brakes. His idea is well explained. Since then I decided to let him decide to buy the appliances like the fridge we have. In my thought it was hard for him to choose because there are lots of fridges to choose from. Finding the best fridge among all the brands is hard for me to decide which is the best available in the store. Through his experience and the reviews of fridges online, it helped him a lot. Now our fridge is working good and I am very happy with it.

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