Call Locksmith New York, Report to Authorities, etc: What You Should do After a Break-in or Burglary

What a homeowner must do in case of house break-in or burglary

Everyday we read the tabloids and hear from news about crimes that inflict our society. One of the most common incidents is home break-in or burglary. Whether the criminals were successfully able to complete their crooked job or not, it can be very traumatic on the part of the homeowners if they experience these types of crime.

If you have encountered a break-in or burglary, here are the necessary steps that you should take after:
1. Report the incident to authorities. As soon as you found out about the crime, report immediately to proper authorities so they can record the incident and conduct investigation, which can help determine the criminals. They will need to visit your home to check for any evidence that will lead them to the perpetrators so avoid cleaning the area or touching anything that can contaminate the evidence. It would be better to stay in a nearby friend’s house until the police arrive to avoid touching anything to preserve the crime scene.

If you are renting, it is also proper to report the incident to your landlord.
2. Take an inventory. Before the police arrive, scan the items in your house so you can have a quick preview of what is missing or has been stolen so the police officer can put it on record. After the police have done the inspection, you can make a thorough inventory of your items and make a list of what is missing so you can submit it to your home insurance company for a possible claim.
3. Contact a locksmith to repair damage and enhance security. If you live in New York for example, you need to contact locksmith new york to help you repair the damage caused by the thieves like a broken doorknob. Contacting an expert like locksmith washington dc can also help you enhance the security system of your home by installing high security locks, CCTV cameras, enforcing the window and door frames and more. Since they are the experts with these kinds of jobs, they will be able to help you determine the type of locks and security system will best improve the security of your home.

Here are some of the security enforcement that a professional alexandria locksmith can suggest to enhance the security of your home:

• Window Locks. Windows offer easy access to your home and most thieves use the windows as their entry to break-in. That is why it is important to secure the windows too much like how you will secure your doors by installing locks that will prevent access by intruders.
• Door Viewers. Viewers or peep holes allows you to see who is in the front door to make sure that it is safe before opening it to prevent giving criminals easy access to your home.
• Garage Locks. Another part of the house that can be an easy target is your garage so it is better to have your locksmith install garage locks as well to protect everything that is in the garage including your car and help prevent giving intruders an easy way to enter your home.
• Security alarm. Installing a security alarm is also one of the best ways to secure your home. These alarms offer a variety of features like automatic reporting to police authorities, remote viewing of your house, alarm system that can notify you immediately in case there are unusual movements and activity in the house and the surrounding area and the like.
A break-in or a burglar is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This will not only cause damage or lost to your possession but can also pose a threat to your life and the lives of your love one. Follow the steps above to properly handle the situation and prevent the same thing from happening again.

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