Gardening is one of my passions. In fact before I got pregnant with my little girl, I had a garden behind the house. I planted it with string beans, sweet potatoes and okra. Also I tried planting corn in one area of our lot, then I got pregnant and had severe morning sickness which lead me to stop gardening. A couple months ago when we had lots of rains here I thought to myself to start gardening again, but I had no time because of my baby so I didn’t. Still I bought flowering plant seeds in an online store to plant when I get the time. Now I’m just saving them until the rainy season comes. That will be in a few months anyway, that’s a good season for planting. Also I bought a couple of flower pots and I know they won’t be enough for all the flowering seeds I bought so I’ll probably buy some more pots as well. The Growers Exchange site I just visited gave me an idea to plant some medicinal and culinary herbs. How nice to have them in our own garden which would be easy to pick and at the same time they would make the garden look nice. Hopefully this coming rainy season I will have the time to garden and grow the plants and herbs I really want.

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