Planning to buy a laptop

What’s going on with me now? Still trying to conserve money but why am I surfing on the net for a good deal on a laptop? Well, I’m trying to conserve money but my husband at this time is planning to buy a laptop. It started last night when my husband told me that he bid on a laptop on one of the online auction stores. This morning when I woke up I asked him if he won the bid and he said no. Well, I’m happy because it was a used laptop with a defect which needed some parts for it. My thought was, why should we buy it if has some defects and why not try to look more a good deal in an online store. Since I’ve experienced buying a laptop in an online store several years ago and I’m happy and contented with using it until now then I’ll try to help him look for an online store with good deals. Now I think I found a site with good deals on laptops. Hopefully he can find one.

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    Thanks for the info.and great site!!!

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