Step stools

Step stools are very important to have around the house. I saw an elderly neighbor use a medical step stool with a handrail on it. At home being without a step stool, we adults just use a stool chair to get something from the cabinets above. I know it is a bad example to show our kids when they are watching us while using it especially the stool chair we have is uneven and it’s easy to fall off. It’s happened once already when our four year old son grabbed the stool chair, luckily my husband found him while he was standing on it. That’s why we are planning to buy an adult step stool for us and a kid step stool for our son just in case he tries to get something in a place which is difficult for him to reach. Hopefully we can find a step stool in the store or else we let somebody make a wooden step stool for us.

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