Swimming pool

How nice it would be if we had a swimming pool in the yard for this hot weather we are having. My dream is to have one which is the same dream of  my little boy who is four year old. He keeps asking his father to buy him a new home with a swimming pool. Well, to dream is free, right? I hope that gives him motivation to be a good student in school so that when he grows up he’ll be able to get what he is dreaming of having and yes I am so proud of my four year old son having those kinds of dreams. It really started when we visited my brother who is working at one of the resorts nearby us. While we were there he enjoyed watching my brother who was cleaning a swimming pool with a pool supply in his hand. He was really excited to help my brother cleaning the pool. Now he always ask us to visit there again so he can go swimming because the last time he couldn’t swim due to the pool cleaning schedule. I am so excited to go back to my brothers workplace as well. Hopefully next time we visit, it won’t be a pool cleaning schedule and so we can go swimming in this hot weather we are having.

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