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Just an hour ago, my little boy went to¬† sleep for his afternoon nap, but he left the computer on, but before I turned it off I started browsing the net when I came across a musical instrument site which has different types of guitars, drums and many others¬† including accessories. As I’ve said before, he really loves to ask us to buy when he sees musical instruments and so far we bought him a small guitar. Now while I was browsing the site pages, my son woke up and noticed me using the computer and watching the musical instrument site with a keyboard which is what he has wanted for quite a while now. When he saw it he said, “I want that one mama”, I said to him, which one do you like, the Avid keyboard ? and he said yes mama buy Avid please, lol. Well it’s hard to say no to him sometimes, so I just told I would think about it and get it for him when he’ is old enough.

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