Interested in getting an air purifier

We can’t avoid air pollution. Even in our own house air pollution exists. An interesting fact I learned while surfing the Internet is that the air inside your house may be 10 times more polluted than the air outside. I can understand now why my husband is interested in getting an air purifier for our home. He has allergies and says that if we can purify the air in our home, his allergy symptoms will go away and as an added benefit our two children will get sick less as well. Today I found a site that features Rabbit Air Purifiers, which are one of the best brands available on the market today. After looking at all the features of the Rabbit Air Purifier, I think I will recommend it to my husband who will make the final decision on which purifier brand goes into our home. Like I stated in one of my previous post, my husband always makes the final decision when buying appliances for our home because of his experience. He has chosen every one of the appliances we have in our home so far, so I’m going to let him choose which air purifier to buy as well. After reviewing the Rabbit Purifier, I think he will agree with me that it’s the right choice for our home.

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