Planning to visit Bohol

Summer is for fun with family and friends. I know there are lots of families and individuals who go for outings and vacationing in the summer. I remember my husband and I are planning to visit Bohol to some different tourist spots there. The problem is our little boy has his summer program in school which caused us to delay our plans. We’re still planning to go though through the help of my brother who has been there many times. He encouraged us to continue our plan to travel to Bohol and by then he can go with us too with his family. Since we are two families traveling together, hopefully there will be direct holiday homes available to choose from which offer short time rent so that we can save some expenses for staying one night, days or up to a week. I have a friend living somewhere in Bohol who can probably help us find a direct holiday home for us good for days. Another option is to look online and search direct holiday homes there. Hopefully there will be many to choose from so that we can save more by getting the best deal. I would be happy if I’m able to negotiate with the owner of the direct holiday home.

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    i like ur blog..very nice

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    Hey I just finished Philippine High School in Bohol but I’m moving back in Ireland to continue my studies and I’m pretty sure with you, having some direct friends in Bohol, will be able to find a good deal and head off to Bohol in no time because Bohol is a great place all around and especially in Alona Kew which is now like little Boracay but less crowded^^, Where you from?

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