I don’t know if we should be considered selfish because we don’t want our neighbors using our property to park their cars without asking us first. We let them do it once when they asked a few months ago, but now they think they can do it without asking. If we tell them to not do it, will we be considered selfish? They are pushing us to be that way because they are taking advantage of our kindness. It is happening now that people are in and out of our property without asking our permission. It is hard to watch the lot that they made as a parking lot for days and sometimes they bother us while we are sleeping at night due to the vehicle sounds and our dogs barking at them. Now our selfish thought is in our mind that we are planning to fence the whole property. I know it will cost a lot of money to fence the whole property but o avoid the problem, it will be worth it to do that. My husband says good fences make good neighbors. He might be right.

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