When is my birthday

Since I started being a mother, it’s been 4 years and a few months now. My son is four years old now and there are lots of things he needs to learn and yes he is curious and is always asking for anything sees. I really enjoy talking with him but sometimes he misunderstands which causes him to be in a bad mood. I think that’s a normal behavior for a toddler. One thing I appreciate about my sweet little boy that makes me laugh is he keeps asking us,” when is my birthday”? Well he keeps asking us about his birthday because he loves the party at home with family, other kids, the balloons, cake and the birthday games for kids. The funny side of him was, he asks to have his birthday after only a few months of celebrating it. He asks it again and again, lol. I have no idea if your toddler is the same as my son but I have a friend with a son who has a quite similar attitude as my little boy. They are living in the USA and yes she is looking to find a good place to have her son’s birthday party. Since they are living in the Las Vegas she told me she will try to find themes from Birthday Parties Las Vegas and she told me last night she found one already. For sure that will be the greatest birthday party ever for her son. Also while we chatted online last night she said that she is planning for her son to go on a vacation at Summer Camps Las Vegas so that he can mingle with other kids as well. I think that’s a great way for her son to make new friends with other kids. She laughed last night when she said, hopefully my son appreciates all my hard work and enjoys the day of his birthday party as well.

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