Globe internet users

Are any of you Globe Internet users? Yes we  use their land line and Internet. We have no choice though because Globelines is the only Internet provider available. Sometimes we get problems with the Internet connection but we can call them 24/7  for technical assistance which is good for when we need them. Their service is fairly good though but sometimes our location is the reason we have problems with the Internet connection and land line as well. It’s a bother to us sometimes but well, no choice. Anyway, did you get the rebates they offer either gift certificate or a cell phone if you upgrade the Internet speed? At first I thought it was a scam especially after I got a call from someone and stating telling me about the rebate. To be sure I called them back after a week of receiving the call. I’m happy because it was true and of course we need a cellphone so we have a Samsung champ now and it’s a Globe prepaid.


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