Hair fall and dry scalp

I have had my long hair since I was a teenager. Whatever shampoos I used, I never had any problem with  hair fall and dry scalp until I went to Hongkong to work. I experienced a dry scalp and sometimes  hair fall. I have no idea what caused those problems except sometimes I thought maybe it could be from the weather changing from warm to cold. Since then my  hair fall problem and scalp problem continues until now. I tried different shampoos hoping a  good shampoo would cure the said problems but as of now I couldn’t find one yet. A few days ago I read an article from Yahoo about the top 5 benefits of tea tree which can cure scalp conditions, treat acne, keep bugs away, keep wounds clean and help calm eczema and dermatitis. Hopefully I can find a shampoo with the natural ingredient of a tea tree extract and hopefully itcan cure my hair fall as well.

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