Measles vaccine

My little girl was immunized with the measles vaccine today. When we arrived at the doctor’s clinic, she was very happy, attentive and gave some smiles to the doctor while the doctor was getting ready for her vaccine. Then the doctor  poked her left arm with a vaccine and made her cry a lot and right after that she didn’t want to entertain the doctor anymore. I can’t blame my innocent little girl for reacting that way and of course nobody’s to blame for that. I think it’s so rare to have a kid who isn’t afraid of a needle poke  with a vaccine. My two year old niece is the first child I ever seen who won’t really cry every time she gets poked with a vaccine on her arm. I’m amazed with her because when my two kids and all kids in the clinic get a vaccine they are all crying every time they get a needle poke with a vaccine on their arms.

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