On Your Way to Motherhood

People say that if you become a mom, you have completed your role as a woman. But by observing various women go through the process of pregnancy to giving birth then to motherhood, the credit given to them should be more than that. Women who have become mothers should be named as one of the noblest human beings that have walked on this earth.

However, it cannot be denied that most women who will initially enter motherhood are scared to the bones and are a bit insecure to take this new role. Though they can’t be blamed since it’s not a joke to carry a human being inside your belly for nine months and nourish them for their entire lives. Good thing there are lots of supporting materials like books, magazines, websites, and blogs that are available to make first-time mommies more equipped to enter this new chapter in their lives.

During these times as well it’s great to see moms guide their daughters on how to be a mom themselves. Unlike the usual how-to-do books, the old-generation mommies have tried-and-tested tips gathered from years of experience. This will also serve as a bonding moment for both mommies to reminisce on their own mother-daughter tandem.

Aside from the mommy tandem, pregnancy also gives more chance for husbands and wives to bond. Since this phase is quite delicate for the wives, husbands mostly do the chores at home and usually grant wives’ requests and favors to avoid upsetting his partner. Couples also spend more time attending Lamaze classes, shopping for baby stuff, and scouting for baby names.

Indeed, the road to motherhood is complicatedly exciting. It may posts a lot of challenges along the way but the experience is endlessly rewarding and at the same time humbling.

This is a guest post by Ciel. She loves listening to Asian music, and strongly believes that music is the universal language. She enjoys working from home as a writer. Her current task is writing about gulvafslibning, which discusses about floor sanding.

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