Samsung RC420

While sitting down in front of the PC and browsing in an online store, I came across some laptops for sale and they reminded me about the laptop which my husband bought a month or so ago. As I’ve shared on my past posts, he looked in an online store for a laptop. After a few days of searching, there was a pre owned Samsung RC420 for a good price that the owner wanted to sell to help pay for his wife’s delivery expenses. Since he had no idea about the prices of either a new or pre owned Samsung RC420, he looked for the price online and he noticed that he can save a few thousand Pesos compared to what the other sellers were asking. So he bought it. Now to update you, after a month or so of using our Samsung RC420 laptop, it works great so far, I love it. Acting like it’s mine, lol.

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    i like product samsung..i am using samsung also.

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