To provide toys

I have no idea if when parents try their best to provide toys for their kids, are they going to spoil them? In my opinion I don’t think so. I think it’s normal for kids to¬† have toys to play with at home or anywhere. We as parents decide what toys are suitable and safe for our children to play with and if they deserve them. It happened one time my son asked me to buy a yoyojam Black Night yo-yo in an online store. At that time he had a problem to stop wearing diapers during the daytime. So I explained to him we don’t have enough money left after buying his diapers to buy any toys. I told him to stop wearing diapers then we will have enough money to buy the yo-yo he wanted. Since then he has stopped wearing diapers during the daytime. So it worked, he stopped wearing diapers during the day and we bought him his yo-yo which made us both happy.

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