First birthday

I have been thinking about my little girl’s first birthday for days and never had no plans of having a big party for her. I don’t know why I was so anxious and excited before her first birthday came. Yesterday was her birthday and I was really amazed with all the kids who came over the house. There were many more kids than I expected. We started the party in the afternoon when the kids were home from school so they could come over our house to celebrate her birthday. Of courseĀ  we were so happy with the birthday celebration for our little girl especially when we saw her so happy watching the kids playing, dancing and standing in line waiting for food to eat with a slice of cake. It was really a great birthday celebration for our little girl and I’m so happy and thankful to all kids and some parents who celebrated with us.

her daddy helped her blow the candle

stared at her present, lol

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    congratulation…cute baby

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