Satellite cable

The only way to get a good Internet Service Provider for your home is if there is more than one ISP company in your area competing with each other. In our case our Internet provider has one company competing with it in our area but I may tell that we selected Globe broadband which is quite better than the other one in our place. I have to admit many times we have had problems with the connection but because there is not a good competitor yet we can’t get a good quality ISP like what we want.

I am talking about competitive providers because we just changed from using Dream Satellite cable to Cignal. My husband examined all the features before deciding to switch from Dream Satellite cable to Cignal. It took many weeks of looking online about the Cignal Satellite cable and yes it passed his requirements. Yesterday, his decision was made and he talked to the installer. Tomorrow probably will be the last day of using our Dream Satellite cable. Yes, Dream satellite is quite OK but my husband needs more channels to watch. Aside from channels he wanted the High Definition channels Cignal offers. Hopefully there will be no other satellite cable provider that offers  better than what Dream and Cignal Satellite cable have because my husband might change his mind again, lol.


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