Secured and unsecured loans

Everyone of us is free to make our own choices and every choice we make can have either a good or bad result . As most people know the economy these days is still not good and is still in the recovery process. Lately I’ve noticed that the more people need to buy something for living, the more lenders there are offering loans, either secured or unsecured. That’s my observation, anyway.

I am talking about this because I was reminded after checking and reading an email I received a few minutes ago about secured and¬†unsecured loans which they offered me. I asked myself, am I qualified?,lol. Well, in our place there are lots of lenders who offer to lend people money. They never asks for any collateral so there are lots of people who borrow money from them. I’m not sure what the requirements are but I’m sure that they are offering unsecured financing. Some people borrow the money for their personal use and some people use the borrowed money in a wiser way by investing it for profit, but it is hard to understand sometimes when they put their money into buying and selling and the items they have for sale are over priced. Their excuse is, they have to raise the price to cover their capital of borrowing the money. So what?,lol. Well, as I’ve said that’s their choice and that’s their losses as well because nobody wants to buy from them when the prices are too high.

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    thanks for your post… sangat bagus dan menarik

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    I do not like to borrow money .. better not to have to borrow money at the end of a live load.

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