Advantages and disadvantages

Living quite far away from the city has it’s advantages and disadvantages in many ways. At first my husband preferred to live in the city but I insisted not to especially he said he wanted to live away from the chaos of the city. Yes, the city is more chaotic with lots of people and vehicles. So we decided to buy some land in a peaceful country side where I grew up. The reasons he likes to live in the city are, you don’t have to drive far to go shopping or to the bank, there is access to good communication service providers, and some other advantages. Of course if there are advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. A few of those are the chaos from lots of people and lots of vehicles, more air pollution, more noise and some other disadvantages. Since we started living in the country side we are happy and contented even though we have a bad communications service provider which is one of the disadvantages we have experienced here, but aside from that and the long drives we make to the city, all is good living in the country side.

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