Today my niece reminded me it will be her birthday the next week after my brother’s birthday. Just like my brother, she asked me to buy her a gift that she saw on the Internet. She wants me to buy her a Ogio No Drag backpack to use. She needs a backpack for her books and some other things she uses in school and for personal use. I told her the same thing I told my brother which is, if I can afford it, I’ll buy it. If I can’t buy her one maybe I’ll give her my used bag which I haven’t used for a while now. It’ still in great shape though and good for a college student. The backpack she wants is nice too and I’m hoping I can buy her one, not on her birthday, maybe later if I have the money, lol.

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    it’s a nice share, Bro. Hopefully you will make it as soon as possible. “The miracle of a gift”. I really trust that quote.

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