Buy things unexpectedly

Sometimes I buy things unexpectedly and not in my plans. It turns out sometimes I’m happy with what I bought and sometimes I’m not after buying things unexpectedly. When I see something like a ring on sale that looks like a good deal and I like it, then I really want to buy it even though I never wear rings. My thinking is, if I buy them, my kids can use them in the future. Yes, I share this because almost six times I have bid in an online auction site and won. Which means I collected six rings already, lol and they were good deals. After buying those I felt happy and some I felt like I didn’t want to continue with buying them, but since I won the bid I’m forced to pay for it. So next time I’ll try my best to not follow my emotions when tempted to buy things which are good deals and just think twice so I’m sure to be happy at the end.

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