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We built a house a few years ago with our own house design to avoid expenses for a house designer. It took a few months of thinking about the exterior design and sharing the ideas my husband and I had. It wasn’t easy sharing ideas during those few months when we both had different ideas on the design of the house, but in the end we both came to an agreement on the current design of our house. Another problem was the interior design, of course to avoid expenses  for the designer, my husband and I again shared each others ideas on the interior design of the house. It was more complicated than what we expected because my husband’s ideas were much different than mine. After some arguments, we both finally agreed to have a simple interior design which combined the living room, dining room and the kitchen. Then we added some appliances and furniture on the said rooms but then I had a hard time looking at the finish on the kitchen cabinets we ordered. I’m not happy with the way the cabinets look at all. Wish I could have found the kitchen cabinet styles they have at I really would be content with my kitchen at the end if I had done so. They have lots of colors, door designs and wood types to choose from and they offer a design and layout service as well. After I seen everything they have at their site I made another wish, that I could find the kitchen cabinets they have in our area.

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