A relaxing afternoon

It’s Thursday and quite a relaxing afternoon here. After two days of examinations for my son in school we can all relax with no more assignments to think about for tomorrow. Especially tomorrow is a holiday in our place for town fiesta celebration. Starting tomorrow until the weekend we get a whole day of relaxation at home with family. Good for me though after days and nights taking care of my little girl who had a fever. Since she is OK now we can do some fun things we’ve missed in the days she had a fever. As I’ve shared in a few posts, I mentioned how nervous I am once my kids start with their hyperactivity but as I’ve said I am happy because they are showing that they’re healthy and that’s what I’ve missed for my little girl when she had a fever. Now I have 3 days coming that I can relax if my kids will allow me, lol. Anyway that’s fine though as long as my kids are happy and have some fun.

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    congratulations relax friend ….

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