Calcium food supplement

I have been suffering with backache problems for over 15 years now. Usually my back starts aching when I work hard or carry my little girl for a long period of time. When I was younger I really abused my body by working so hard never realizing the long term effects it would have on me. Eating the right food is very important as well but at that time, I ate whatever food I wanted even if it had no nutritional value. Also I didn’t want to drink milk which is a good source of calcium. Now I feel bad because some of my friends have told me that I am probably lacking calcium. I think they’re right because that’s what my family told me too. They told me to take a calcium food supplement and one of my friends suggested I try chewable calcium citrate which she takes. I don’t know if it’s too late to start taking a calcium food supplement. I really want to take my family and friends advice to take some calcium food supplements. Hopefully it will help my back get stronger and stop my back pain so that I can work in the yard or carry my little girl without worrying about getting back pain.

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