Giving him a gift

One week to go for my husband’s birthday. Giving him a gift is a hard for me especially I never know what he really likes. One time I tried asking him what things he really needs and he answered a simple word, nothing. At that time I knew he needed a wallet and it was my plan to buy it for his birthday but a week ago he bought one for himself. So he took my birthday gift plan for him. Now I have a hard time thinking about what thing should I buy for him as a birthday gift. If I get him jewelry he won’t want to wear it and he has told me before not to buy him any jewelry. If clothes, he has enough too. Probably just a simple gift coming from my heart will be what he gets for his birthday. I won’t mention it here maybe he can read this post and he won’t be surprised anymore, lol.

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    What about a pen? 😀

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